Jam Making – Apples!

Making jam is pretty easy and cheap. The best part is, it lasts for a long time! Continue reading


ISCAHM – Jam Tasting/Testing! Week 23!

Like most subjects in ISCAHM, we also had a presentation here. This time, the chef instructors tasted it. Continue reading

ISCAHM – Pasta Time! Week 22

Remember one of my previous entries before? We had carbo loading one time with the pasta made by the upper batch. This time, it was our turn to make the pasta. Continue reading


My favorite food expo in Manila has finally started. This is much, much better than MAFBEX guys. Continue reading

ISCAHM – Fruits and Glazing…! Week 21

After having vegetables, fish and seafood, and herbs/spices, we now have fruits! Yum yum! Continue reading

Cook in the Morning, Butcher at Night!

Updating this journal is getting pretty difficult these past few weeks/months. More often than not, I can only manage to update once a week! Twice a week is already a luxury! I’ve been really busy with our meat processing! Continue reading

ISCAHM – Cold Buffet…..! Week 20

If we had a hot buffet week before, then there is also a cold one. It was actually easier because there was just more miz and less cooking involved. However, we were still pretty busy making tons of food! Continue reading