Seryna: Real Japanese Experience

Am pretty sure you all remembered my disappointing experience in Toki. This time, I’ll show you where, in my opinion, a really great authentic Japanese restaurant experience. I actually went out of my way to eat here to blog about what Seryna is and why I really loved it.

Here is a snap shot of what’s inside Seryna welcome to Imperial Japan Makati style lolz! 🙂

The bar. 🙂

Everytime I go to any real Japanese restaurants, I always order their sashimi. The sashimi of Japanese restaurant here shows the credibility and quality standard of the restaurant. So often than not, I will order their Goten Ryori. It is technically sashimi 5 kinds.

Just by the presentation and the color of the fish of Seryna’s sashimi, you know that you are in for a treat! Look at that gorgeous presentation of sashimi.

Looks expensive eh? Well, it costs the same as the one in Toki! Clearly, this place has already won over Toki! So often than not, Seryna’s Goten consists of shake *salmon*, maguro *tuna*, hamachi *yellow fin tuna*, tako *octopus*, ika *squid* and ikura *salmon roe*. Sashimi is all about simplicity and high respect of ingredients and Seryna was definitely spot on about this. Everything was clean to the palate and textures of the tako and ika were superb. My friend Randee, her first time to come here, ate most of the tako! I was surprised she really liked it! That’s how great their quality is!

Normally, I also order 5 kinds of yakitori. It’s technically their barbecue. Yaki = Grilled, tori = chicken. It usually different parts and cuts of chicken but now these days, it’s technically anything that was grilled. When ordering their yakitori, you can choose between two sauces either their tare or just salt and pepper. I chose the former.

We had teba *wings*, tsukune *chicken balls*, hone tsuki *soft bones*, uzuki bacon *quail eggs and bacon* and asupara bacon *bacon and asparagus*. Again, a very simple dish with high quality ingredients. I like their tare sauce it was really simple. Am pretty sure it is just mirin and shoyu, maybe with a ratio of 4:1. yum! One can taste the subtle flavor of the chicken without having the unpleasant

😀 In Japan, restaurants are always specialized unlike here in the Philippines where one can experience different kinds of Japanese food in a single restaurant. As for yakitori, one can only buy it on the street or in Izakayas. Izakaya is technically a drinking place where people, after work, go there and drink sake and eat yakitori.

The Chahan came next. It’s the Japanese fried rice! Their version of the Yang Chow Fried Rice in Chinese Restaurants 🙂

It really has the same flavor of the Yang Chow Fried Rice but it’s rice is Japanese Rice so it is better than Yang Chow Fried Rice thus being more expensive lolz!

Lastly, the nabe came. Nabe is their hotpot. It is the food of the sumo wrestlers! Sumo wrestlers eat nabe so that they get all the available quantity and variety of ingredients in a single pot! We ordered the yose nabe, which is their version of a mixed seafood hotpot. These are their serving bowls for the nabe.

And this is the nabe itself! It is cooked on the table. Presentation, as always, is gorgeous 🙂

The waitress served it for us when it was done.

Their ‘single’ nabe is actually good for two so we shared it.

Seryna’s nabe is my favorite compared to the other Japanese restaurants that I have tried. Toki didn’t have nabe at that time so I wouldn’t know about theirs. It is the strong flavor of the konbu *kelp* that made me love it. It gives you this strong woodsy flavor that makes it pretty rustic. Moreover, the fished that they used were of sashimi quality! It has a pretty delicate mouthfeel and flavors were really spot on!

So, if you were to go to a real Japanese restaurant. I suggest coming here. It is located in Little Tokyo near Makati Cinema Square. I suggest you guys coming here if you were to try a real Japanese restaurant for the first time with a good budget. It is a bit pricey but I think the experience is much much better than the one in Toki. There are also other good authentic Japanese restaurants here in Makati but I think this is a good start if you have not yet tried and of them.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sheila's ditsi on November 26, 2009 at 3:54 am

    before anything, i just want to comment on the the picture quality. it doesn’t do justice to the yummy dishes. i suggest adjusting the white balance (WB) to minimize the orange-y hue. this is just a constructive criticism from your loyal reader. ehem 🙂

    how much did you spend for this meal? do they accept credit cards?

    and lastly.. who’s your date??! haha


    • Am really an amateur photographer lolz! also, Randee took the pictures cause I would have made worse and she’s not my date, she is my friend. Lastly, I liked the pictures because it looked more classy for me 🙂


  2. Posted by sheila's ditsi on November 26, 2009 at 5:25 am

    im just saying it’s too orange-y. you should have adjusted the WB setting :-p


  3. Posted by Aimee on March 24, 2010 at 1:16 am

    Hi Hershey! 🙂 This really reminds me of our amazing trip to Little Tokyo! 😀


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