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Pepper Steak Lunch

I don’t normally write about chained restaurants here. However, like Chef Gerd would say, “In every rule there is an exception.” Continue reading


Sushi Kappo Kobikicho – Japanese Gastronomy at its Finest in Manila

If someone wants to experience a real and honest way of eating Japanese food here in Manila, a dining experience having both the quality and philosophy of Japanese cuisine, Sushi Kappo Kobikicho is the place for you! Continue reading

Aubergine – Degustation

I have already blogged about Aubergine before. But still, I think the heart of a really good restaurant lies in its degustation menu. Continue reading

Celsius – Open Menu and Open Minded

This is another inevitable post as an ISCAHM student just like how I wrote about Aubergine before, in another good way. Continue reading

Aubergine – ISCAHM Restaurant

Since I am currently enrolled and taking up my culinary arts education in ISCAHM, blogging about Aubergine is quite inevitable for me. Don’t get me wrong though, I have been to Aubergine tons of times before but it was during my recent visit to the restaurant that I started taking pictures. Continue reading

Urameshi-ya – Real Yakiniku

I am pretty sure you have read my Yakiniku Post before and it was this restaurant that inspired me to make my own yakiniku at my sister’s place. Continue reading

Inagiku – Best Quality Buffet

If Spiral offers the longest buffet line here in Manila, Inagiku, in my opinion, offers the highest quality of buffet here in Manila! 🙂 Continue reading