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Chorizo Rice

I was checking our pantry the other day and found some old canned goods. I saw a Pure Foods’ Chorizo de Bilbao which was like a year old already. It says that it will expire by November 2009 and thinking that it will expire sooner than later. I decided to do something about it. So often than not, I use this chorizo for making paella, however; I didn’t have my oven that time and my paella pan was nowhere to be found. So, I thought of just making this simple chorizo rice dish. Continue reading


Broiled Pork Tenderloin in Barbecue Sauce with Pan Roasted Potatoes

I have always wanted to try real barbecue. Smoking whole cuts of meat at low and slow was something I really wanted to do; however, it was not possible for me at a time since I need some wood chips that will go along the cooking process. It took me around 4 months before I was able to get my hands on some hickory wood chips! For starters, I need small cuts of meat and thought that tenderloin would be a good start. Then, an obstacle happened. Our outdoor griller has already been in the cemetery since last week! I have clearly forgotten about that! So, instead of smoking the tenderloin, I came up with this: Broild Pork Tenderloin in Barbecue Sauce with Pan Roasted Potatoes. Continue reading

Saturday Night at My Sister’s Place

Another saturday night has made my sister summoned me to create some nice dishes at their house. Normally, I would bring all my stuff because I don’t trust their pantry and their kitchen tools except cooking oil, stove and oven. I even brought my own pepper. Anyhow, I have this small cooler that has become my ‘pantry on the go’ carrier. Continue reading

Toki: A Japanese Experience?

I used to be in the Japanese food industry in the Philippines and eating at authentic Japanese restaurants was a past time of mine before. I even went to Japan alone just to taste and savor their authentic cuisine. Japanese cuisine is technically very simple. The only important aspect of the cuisine is the quality of ingredients which separates real Japanese restaurants to the Filipinized Japanese restaurants. Continue reading

Fried Chicken with Bacon and Mushroom Gravy

My mom bought a box of chicken *33 lbs* from a supplier the other day and we were defrosting it so that we can easily fit it in the freezer. As the whole box was thawing, I took two leg quarters for this dish. Moreover, I still have lots of bacon that I need to discard and I don’t just wanna fry them up, that’ll be boring, so it gave me this idea of making a bacon gravy. Continue reading

Moon Cake

Few weeks ago was the moon cake festival. We used to have this ‘dice game’ that is apparently invented here by the Chinese in Manila *according to my professor back in college*. You won’t see any kind of dice game in mainland China during their moon cake festival.

I forgot about the lore of the moon cake, it was during my elementary days that my chinese teachers taught me about that. You can just google it and learn about it. Continue reading

Chocolate Rice Pudding with Sabayon and Bacon *Champorado*

It took me awhile to make a new post because the internet at home was dead for some time. Anyhow, at least my net is up again and time to write about what I have made during this cold weather.

I wanted to make something appropriate with the cold weather for my snack in the afternoon. Then, I found some left over cocoa tablets in our pantry so I thought of making a chocolate rice pudding out of it – champorado. Continue reading