Pepper Steak Lunch

I don’t normally write about chained restaurants here. However, like Chef Gerd would say, “In every rule there is an exception.”

I like a lot of things about Japanese food and gastronomy. This is reflected by some of my categories in my blog such as this and this.

More often than not, I feel that chain restaurants do not offer high quality food as I feel that the food they serve is too commercialized. If you check my restaurant review category, Pepper Steak Lunch is currently the only chained restaurant listed under this category.

Yes, Pepper Steak Lunch is that cool! You might think I am biased because it came from Japan but hey, as always, I appreciate Japanese quality in any form.

There are two things I like about Pepper Lunch. One is the quality of food and the other one is their queuing system.

For a chained and, sort of, fast food restaurant, they offer pretty high quality food!

The quality of food here is indeed similar to that of Japanese quality! Check out their shimufuri steak! Shimufuri means marbled.

It’s absolutely gorgeous! The marbling actually reminded me of meltique.

And what usually happens here is the sauce gets a big killing when eating meals with rice.

They have their honey brown sauce and their garlic soy sauce which Filipinos really love.

Pepper Steak Lunch has been here for a while now but I just thought of writing about it. It is not new but it is still pretty good. Anton actually wrote a good entry about it. Check it here!

Food budget is a bit pricey but quality is always consistent and I wouldn’t mind going back for a quick and high quality meal.


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