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Agedashi Tofu – Simple Cooking!

This is one of the simplest yet delectable dishes that you can serve at home. The most important thing here is the dashi stock which I have already made before. Continue reading


ISCAHM – Exam! Week 5

The title says it all. We had exams this week. Continue reading

ISCAHM – Kitchen Time! Week 4

We are now doing some kitchen work. However, it was actually the 4th day of the week that we actually had work to do. The work was relatively little since they did not want to overwhelm us with the kitchen work. Continue reading

Dashi Stock – Japanese Cooking

Since I am currently taking my culinary arts in ISCAHM, I will be doing pretty much a lot of French Cooking. With that in mind, I think I need to start cooking Asian cuisine so that my learnings won’t be redundant in a manner of speaking. Since my knowledge is heavy on Japanese cooking, I thought of starting with the basic dashi stock. Continue reading

ISCAHM – We are going there! Week 3

Introductory lectures are almost over and kitchen time is almost upon us! Yay!  Continue reading

FREE Online Cookbook for this Coming Valentine’s Day: RED

Happy Valentine’s Day guys! In preparation for this coming Valentine’s Day, I prepared a special FREE e-cookbook/FREE online cookbook for you and your loved ones just like what I did before. Continue reading

ISCAHM – Stocks and Sauces in week 2

We have now reached the good parts of the lectures. This week, we talked about ingredients, techniques, and some equipment. It is getting more interesting thus far. Continue reading