ISCAHM – We are going there! Week 3

Introductory lectures are almost over and kitchen time is almost upon us! Yay! 

We had our demo kitchen during the 3rd week in preparation for next week which is the start of our kitchen week. The demo kitchen has a classroom setup with a stage kitchen to show the demo for the upcoming culinary methods and techniques as shown above.

So, during this session, we had Chef Gerd Menge.

This guy is like the man/chef of the house. You can easily feel the strong winds of his strictness! He reminds me of the chefs that I read from books that do a lot of boot camping with their students inside the kitchen. Chef Gerd is German and he pronounces ‘ch’ with ‘sh’ so the way he pronounces ‘chemistry’ is ‘shimistry’. Furthermore, you can feel his strong personality inside the kitchen especially with his loud barking voice.

He started the class with a great boost of morale. He was like a general giving a speech to his conscripts. He started with a pep talk about being a chef and what it means to cook–what it means for us to be craftsmen with our very own craft. What does it mean to cook? What does it mean to be a chef? What does it take for one to be a good cook? A good chef?

Anyhow, he showed a lot of basic cutting and talked a lot about food ‘shimistry’.

In the picture above, he was showing how different temperatures of water show different reactions on different starches and carbohydrates. Everything reminded me of McGees On Food and Cooking.

More so, he always shows passion for food and cooking and the pride of being a chef.

Now, moving on to the last chef (meaning the last person I haven’t introduced). Here is Chef Norbert Gandler.

If you want to kiss somebody’s ass here in ISCAHM, I think he is one of the key persons to do so. Why? Well, he is the founder and one of the owners of ISCAHM! Yep! He is the big guy!

Unlike Chef Gerd who barks a lot and requires strictness and discipline inside the kitchen, Chef Norbert is more subtle in dealing with students. Don’t get me wrong though, he is also strict but he will not make your heart skip a beat. It is actually our first time to meet him this week and he taught us about the basic cooking methods.

As the week started to end, we also started reviewing for our first exam but the best part of it was this.

Yep! We have already started wearing our uniforms. The next ISCAHM post will surely be about kitchen time! YAY!


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  1. you really don’t wanna post a picture of yourself noh? 😛


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