Agedashi Tofu – Simple Cooking!

This is one of the simplest yet delectable dishes that you can serve at home. The most important thing here is the dashi stock which I have already made before.

If you have been reading my blog, I have always emphasized that Japanese cooking is simple cooking. Japanese cuisine is all about respecting your ingredients and everything else will just follow through. In Japanese cooking, the quality of the ingredients is of the highest priority and it is the essence of the cuisine.

“Age” means deep fried hence the name of the dish. It is a deep fried tofu dish with dashi stock.

First, prepare your kino tofu.

There are technically two major kinds of tofu for the Japanese, one is kino and the other one is momen. The kino tofu is harder in texture while the momen tofu is silkier in texture. In this case, since we are going to deep fry the tofu, we need the kino tofu.

Next, set aside your dashi stock.

Cut the tofu into cubes and dredge it with cornstarch.

It is important that you use cornstarch here so that you get a better crust.

Next, deep fry it.

Place the cooked tofu in a bowl and add some dashi.

Serve with fine shavings of katsuoboshi on top (front picture).

Take note that the katsuoboshi that was used here was for garnishing and eating purposes. This kind of katsuoboshi is not used for making dashi stock.

Very simple eh? This is a very traditional Japanese food that is simple and delicious. There is no good substitute for an authentic dashi stock so I suggest that if you were to make this dish, you should make a real dashi stock.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sheila's ditsi on March 2, 2010 at 9:24 am

    that is not simple :-p i got lost dun sa dashi stock ..


  2. hi, it’s the other way around, kino means silk so it is silken tofu and momen is the harder tofu 🙂 Love this dish by the way…


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