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Food Shopping at the Duty Free Philippines

We took advantage of the running sale of the Duty Free Philippines here in Manila near the NAIA! The sale starts on November 27 and ends on the 30th. We went there yesterday and boy, the atmosphere was such an adrenaline! Continue reading


Pan-Roasted Steak in Pepper Cream Sauce

Auntie Alice went to the States a few weeks ago, and that means there will be another 50 lbs of steak cut meat coming into their freezer. With that said, my sister gave me some steaks to finish it off in preparation for the coming new batch. Continue reading

Seryna: Real Japanese Experience

Am pretty sure you all remembered my disappointing experience in Toki. This time, I’ll show you where, in my opinion, a really great authentic Japanese restaurant experience. I actually went out of my way to eat here to blog about what Seryna is and why I really loved it. Continue reading

Korean Galbi – Bulgogi Style

Remember my Yakiniku dish in my sister’s place? Well, I still have some of the left-over beef short ribs and thought of cooking up something from it. I was thinking of making some real grilled Korean Galbi, but I already have them sliced thin already so I can’t do that. Then, I realized I can still cook bulgogi way. 😀 Continue reading

Pork in Apple Cream Sauce

While I was organizing my blog, I realized that I only had 2 pork recipes as of the moment. With this in mind, I thought that I have to cook some pork for my archive. This idea came into mind because pork and apples are good combinations yet it is not pretty familiar here in the Philippines. 😦 Continue reading

Calphalon Finally!

After months of thinking whether to buy a good pan or not, I have finally bought one! A 12-inch Calphalon frying pan! Sweet eh?

It took me awhile before buying this because it was really expensive and the ironic thing about it, I bought this on impulse! Continue reading

Duo of Shrimp

A few weeks ago, my high school friends and I were in the Casino and played black jack. We were actually making a killing there and then, the usual food thinking happened. What is a good food that I can pair with blackjack? The result is here: Duo of Shrimp – Grill Shrimp with Bacon in Red Wine Cherry Reduction and Shrimp Tepanyaki. Continue reading