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ISCAHM – MEAT Week 29!

After four months of being very busy at both work and school, I finally found time to make a new post! Yes, I have been very busy. Continue reading


ISCAHM – another kitchen week! Week 28

As I mentioned from the previous post, we had another kitchen week in ISCAHM! This is actually our first time having 2 consecutive kitchen weeks. Continue reading

ISCAHM – busy week 27 *pause*

So here’s the thing, I’m starting to write less and less. It’s the first time I skipped two weeks without writing anything! Moreover, I know that each entry has started lacking structure. It really shows that I just write for the sake of making a post! So, from now on, I’m going to write if I have the time to polish and publish it once I consider it satisfactory. Please bear with me for the moment because I am really trying to find time to post something on a weekly basis but I’m just to darn tired for the moment! Continue reading

ISCAHM – Meeting halfway! Week 25 and 26!

I missed a post last Sunday! Sorry about that but I’ve been pretty busy nowadays. The good thing is that we are now more than halfway through ISCAHM! Continue reading

ISCAHM – Midterms Hands-on! Week 24

Time flies really fast! Little did we know that it’s already midterms! Half the year has already passed by and it felt like yesterday was just week 1. Continue reading

Jam Making – Apples!

Making jam is pretty easy and cheap. The best part is, it lasts for a long time! Continue reading

ISCAHM – Jam Tasting/Testing! Week 23!

Like most subjects in ISCAHM, we also had a presentation here. This time, the chef instructors tasted it. Continue reading