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Beer Pairing Degustation

I don’t drink beer. But you know what? As long as it is part of the degustation, I am going to dig in! Continue reading


Cool Warehouse Sale this Summer!

Hey guys, I found gold! Continue reading

ISCAHM – Spices and Costing Exam! Week 15

Smile, sense, and taste. These were the things that happened during our spice exam. Continue reading

Sushi Kappo Kobikicho – Japanese Gastronomy at its Finest in Manila

If someone wants to experience a real and honest way of eating Japanese food here in Manila, a dining experience having both the quality and philosophy of Japanese cuisine, Sushi Kappo Kobikicho is the place for you! Continue reading

ISCAHM – Group Practicals! Week 14

No chefs, no faculty assistants, and no recipes. It was just us and the food. Continue reading

Seviche or Ceviche?

I really don’t know what’s the right spelling for this dish. There is one thing I know though; I like the simplicity of this dish. Continue reading

ISCAHM – Knife Skills Exam! Week 13

Stations were set. Everyone brought and sharpened their knives. Here we come for our knife skills exam! This is our first individual hands-on practical exam. Continue reading