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Cook in the Morning, Butcher at Night!

Updating this journal is getting pretty difficult these past few weeks/months. More often than not, I can only manage to update once a week! Twice a week is already a luxury! I’ve been really busy with our meat processing! Continue reading


Charcuterie – Craft of Preserving

*Photo taken from Alex*

Charcuterie is all around us. It is a craft that humans have honed and passed down from generation to generation to achieve a result that was first beyond imagination. Lengthening the lifespan of meat through salting or smoking was like magic when refrigeration had still yet to come. Moreover, as Ruhlman wrote in his book Charcuterie, it is also “a way of alchemizing scraps into culinary treasure”. Continue reading

ISCAHM – Orientation Seminar

If you take a look at my about page, I stated that I was taking up professional culinary class and this day was my first day at ISCAHM. We just had an orientation seminar on what to expect in school as well as the rules and regulations. Continue reading

J.A. Henckels Knives

If there is one single thing that is essential to a cook’s craftmanship, it better be a good knife. Continue reading

FREE Online Cookbook – Impress Your Friends with a Three Course Meal

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everybody! With the coming holiday season, I created a FREE e-cookbook/FREE online cookbook for you *CLICK HERE or the image above*! The file is around 9MB Continue reading

Great Excelente Ham – A Good Christmas Treat

If there is something that is very important to Filipinos during Christmas, it is the glorious ham! Continue reading

Pre-Culinary Education Knowledge

So often than not, one asks how I learned to cook . You see, cooking the way I do isn’t just a simple way of doing it. There is more complexity of knowledge required to be able to cook to at least my level of cooking. Without arrogance intended, I am not your normal engineering graduate from a Philippine university in terms of cooking and culinary knowledge. So let me show you a glimpse of how I learned on what I am passionately doing right now! Continue reading