ISCAHM – MEAT Week 29!

After four months of being very busy at both work and school, I finally found time to make a new post! Yes, I have been very busy.

I haven’t updated this journal for quite some time and now I am currently in week 58 of ISCAHM, not to mention that I have also finished my OJT.

Actually, I wasn’t thinking of updating my journal anymore but reading other food blogs motivated me to start writing again. More than that, I feel as if I am immortalizing a part of myself through this journal. It’s as if I am charting my own course in culinary history which I consider to be a significant part of my life. Lastly, a good friend sent me a message in Facebook saying I should update my journal so here I am, writing about another week in ISCAHM.

This week was about meat which is actually my favorite subject. I have already been in the meat industry for a year now so I would consider meat my specialization. Not only do I enjoy eating meat, I also earn a living selling meat. You might say that I have grown to love and respect it.

Basically, they taught us the different parts of meat and how to cook them. What I liked about this subject is that they showed us a meat buyers guide. It showed us standard meat cuts from different countries. It was actually very useful because it gave me ideas about what kinds of meat cuts I might be able to import here in the future.

And what’s a theory session without Good Eats? Love the information Alton Brown feeds us! Yum!

During the week, the lower batch has just started with the knife cuts. On the other hand, they will also start to commence their OJT! This blog is starting to become a time machine!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Paolo Orate on February 26, 2011 at 5:49 am

    “This blog is starting to become a time machine hohoho*” Like!


  2. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice piece of meat for dinner? Love it.


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