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Jam Making – Apples!

Making jam is pretty easy and cheap. The best part is, it lasts for a long time! Continue reading


Dum di dum di dum…. What is this…. :)

Before moving on, can you guess what this is? A super give away would be to read this post too. Continue reading

Apple Caviar – Humble Beginnings in Molecular Gastronomy

If you are one of my friends in facebook, you should have noticed that I kept on asking around on how to get my hands on sodium alginate! Luckily, one of my friends knows a company that process seaweeds derivatives and thus, able to make this post! Yay! Lemme show you my first step in molecular gastronomy 😀 Continue reading

Banana Fritters with Mango Cream Sauce *Turon*

What I really liked about Filipino food is that I can be more creative about it since am here in the Philippines. I can easily look for Filipino ingredients and give them a twist like my champorado recipe. Because of that, I came up with a new pinoy recipe which is the humble turon or banana fritters. So often than not, banana fritters are fried with a crepe like wrapper with the addition of sugar during the frying part. It gives you this dense sweetness and crunchy texture. In my case, it would be more different. Here is the setup of ingredients. Continue reading

Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk, Shredded Coconut and Red Beans

I was watching Bobby Chinn the other day at Discovery Travel and Living. His main cuisine is that of Vietnamese, however; during that episode, he was in Thailand and decided to create a Thai dessert: Mango sticky rice.

His version was simpler, he created the sticky rice with some coconut milk and place some diced mangoes beside it. As I watched him, his dessert reminded me much of our own Philippine sticky rice dish: the ‘Biko”.

With that in mind, I also created my own version of the mango sticky rice which is very similar with the biko.

First, get some sticky rice or ‘malagkit’ and cook it. Continue reading

Fruit Platter Presentation

One can transform something boring into something exciting just by the looks of it especially when we are talking about food. Food will always feed the eye first so presentation is pretty much important. It can easily increase the value of the food being served.

Here in the Philippines, like all tropical countries, fruit is abundant both in quantity and quality. Normally, we just eat the fruit as is. We just peel the banana and eat it or slice the mango and eat it. However, one can transcend these fruits into something else just by cutting and plating it in a different manner. Guess what, I transcended some of them yesterday bwahaha!

Here is the bird’e eye view

Here is the side view Continue reading