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ISCAHM – Busy week in the Buffet :D Week 18

Two weeks before, we ended the week with a breakfast buffet. This time however, things are much more different. Continue reading


Top Chef Season 7

Top Chef is back with its 7th season! Continue reading

MAFBEX – Food Expo at the World Trade Center

Do you like food? Then come to MAFBEX! The event is currently located in the World Trade Center here in Manila. Continue reading

Candied Nuts

I used to hate nuts before when I was young but now, I feel they’re sexy. They give great texture to food and add another layer of flavor that is quite distinct. You know what’s even sexier? If you candied them. Continue reading

Golden Spoon

You know what I like about frozen yogurt? It doesn’t make you feel guilty and the best part about Golden Spoon’s froyo is that it doesn’t taste like yogurt! Continue reading

ISCAHM – Veggiessszzzz…. Week 17

Vegetables–the only category of food that I don’t find sexy! Continue reading

Tamago – Japanese Omelet

Since we made tons of eggs in ISCAHM, I might as well make a Japanese-style egg recipe on the blog. Continue reading