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Scallops Halfway

I was driving along Banawe one time and I saw a cold storage store. So, being curious about what’s inside, I parked my car and went in. I found these gigantic sea scallops and I wasn’t really sure if I want it since it has been already frozen *anything frozen that came from the sea is not that good anymore after being thawed* but still, I bought it.

When I came home, I didn’t know what to do with these sea scallops. Then, an idea poped-up, I’ll make it two ways, one is a simple asian scallop dish and one will have a hollandaise sauce *finally, got an excuse to make a hollandaise*.

The Japanese scallops were easy. I just seared the scallops, then steamed it with the asian sauce.

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Salmon Inarisushi

There is this thing they call inarizushi in Japanese restaurants. So often but not, you only get to see them on the menu when you to the authentic ones here in Manila, particularly in Makati like Kikufuji, Seryna, etc.. These tiny golden pouches of tofu are deep fried and sweet. They are normally stuffed with sushi rice inside and some shitake mushroom. Continue reading


I am the type of person who loves everything about food! I cook with my own style and with my own creativity. Everything I cook will be an original recipe. Some of them may have been thought of from scratch. Some may have been inspired by others, transformed using my own imagination.

I practice charcuterie at a professional level. Furthermore, I plan to learn a lot more about French, Japanese, Modern American and Chinese cuisine! With that in mind, for the most part I will incorporate these cuisines in my cooking.

I started this blog to create an archive of my very own culinary journey. I believe that having this blog forces me to be more creative and pushes me to learn more about cooking and the culinary arts. I am currently enrolled in a culinary school in Manila called ISCAHM and I plan to establish different kinds of restaurants in the future!

Most people say that perfection is unattainable in this industry and I agree with that. You see, cooking is a craft. It is a craft that requires the person to have discipline and dedication despite never being able to achieve perfection; however, if there is a cuisine that I would truly want to hone my skills, it would be either Japanese or French cuisine. To learn more about my present culinary knowledge, you can read this post.

So come and join me on my journey in achieving culinary Nirvana. Help me learn and let me share the wealth of culinary experiences there is in this world. See how I learn and cook my way through Japanese, French, Chinese and Modern American cuisines! And maybe I can show you a thing or two about charcuterie from the convenience of your own home 🙂