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Spices and Flavors – Every Cooks’ Pantry’s BFF

Ever wonder where to get those hard-to-find spices here in Manila? Sometimes the groceries or supermarket doesn’t have that much selection in terms of herbs and spices. For me, there is only one place in my mind where most herbs and spices are. You can find certain items like a za’atar mixture, sweet paprika, or the juniper berries I used before and it is located in Market Market in the Fort area. Continue reading


Dashi Stock – Japanese Cooking

Since I am currently taking my culinary arts in ISCAHM, I will be doing pretty much a lot of French Cooking. With that in mind, I think I need to start cooking Asian cuisine so that my learnings won’t be redundant in a manner of speaking. Since my knowledge is heavy on Japanese cooking, I thought of starting with the basic dashi stock. Continue reading

Calphalon Finally!

After months of thinking whether to buy a good pan or not, I have finally bought one! A 12-inch Calphalon frying pan! Sweet eh?

It took me awhile before buying this because it was really expensive and the ironic thing about it, I bought this on impulse! Continue reading

Mise en place – Chicken Stock

Mise en place is a french culinary term meaning ‘putting in place’ or ‘everything in place’. Professional kitchen do their mise en place so that during service hours, cooking is faster and easier. Technically, your ‘miz’ is your prep work in your kitchen. This the time when you make and set aside all the things that can be done in advance like flavored oil, stocks, chiffonades of herbs, sauces etc.. Moreover, it is also about placing everything that must have already been prepared in advance on your work place like cuts of beef, kitchen tools etc..

Normally, the mise en place I do in my small kitchen is all about making stock since it will take you a pretty long while to finish making a stock. A good stock is the foundation of any french cooking, and in my humble opinion, to any cooking.

Stock making is also difficult. It is not just toss everything into the pot and done. There are certain criteria that one looks into their stock: flavor, aroma, body, color, *I think am missing one more*

So here is my prep table for that.

I cut the mirepoix (50% onion, 25% carrots, 25% celery) into large pieces. Continue reading

Pesto :D

Got some nice basil leaves the other day and bought some of them. I was first thinking of making some tomato sauce for it, then again, I realized that there was just too much of it. There is only one solution for too much basil in the house: pesto.

Making pesto is pretty easy. You just need the following: a lot of basil, some garlic *around 3 cloves per 150 grams*, salt, olive oil, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, and maybe some anchovies.

I omitted that pine nuts and anchovies since I didn’t have them at that time 😀

Just put everything into your food processor or you can just chopped it using your hands. Continue reading