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Tamago – Japanese Omelet

Since we made tons of eggs in ISCAHM, I might as well make a Japanese-style egg recipe on the blog. Continue reading


Chawanmushi – Japanese Egg Custard

Chawanmushi is the savory egg custard that the Japanese usually have as their appetizers. What I like about this is that it is simple to make yet the texture is pretty awesome. Continue reading

Low Fat Egg Salad Canape

I want to lessen my calorie intake since am getting huge again and I was thinking of an alternative binder for fillings the other day. So often than not, we usually use mayo for our filling, however; there is just too much calories in it. A tablespoon will cost us 100 calories. Ugh… Continue reading

Tomato and Onion Omelet

As I woke up this morning, I went into the fridge to check for something to eat. I saw a huge tomato in the fridge and thought of doing something about it. Since it is still early in the morning, I thought of making an omelet with that tomato.

I used a peso coin for the comparison of its size. Continue reading