I am a dude who loves everything about food! I cook my own style with my own creativity. Anything I cook here are my original recipes, some were thought from scratch, some were inspired from somewhere, or somewhere taken from somewhere else but twisted by my own imagination.

I practice charcuterie at a professional level. Furthermore, I want to hone my culinary skills in French, Japanese, Modern American and Chinese cuisine! With that in mind, the cooking part of my blog will mostly involve those cuisines!

I created this blog to have an archive of my own culinary journey. I believe that having this blog forces me to be more creative on my own culinary arts and pushes me to learn more about cooking and its very essence. I am currently enrolled in a culinary school here in Manila called ISCAHM and I plan to put-up different kinds of restaurants in the future!

Most people would say that perfection seems unachievable in this industry and I agree with that. You see, cooking is a craft. It is a craftsmanship that one needs to practice on and hone his skills and can never achieve perfection; however, if there is one cuisine that I truly want to hone my skill on it, it would be Japanese and French cuisine. To learn more about my present culinary knowledge, you can read this post and if you want to see what’s happening inside  ISCAHM, click here!

So come and join me as I travel through my own journey to achieve my own way of culinary Nirvana. Help me learn and share the wealth of culinary experience there is in this world. See how I try to learn and cook my way through Japanese, French, Chinese and Modern American cuisines! And maybe show you a thing or two about charcuterie at home too 🙂


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  1. Can I ask what age you started to have a passion for food? 😀


    • Hi M, I started to have interest in food when I was around 12 but started casually cooking at home by the age of 15. The real passion started when I was around 17 or 18 I think 😀 Now, am currently 22 😀


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