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Salt Pork

If you have read my home made bacon post, then you would have read that I trimmed the pork belly. What better way to deal with the pork belly trimmings than turning it to salt pork! Continue reading


J.A. Henckels Knives

If there is one single thing that is essential to a cook’s craftmanship, it better be a good knife. Continue reading

FREE Online Cookbook – Impress Your Friends with a Three Course Meal

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everybody! With the coming holiday season, I created a FREE e-cookbook/FREE online cookbook for you *CLICK HERE or the image above*! The file is around 9MB Continue reading

Make Your Own Bacon – An Easy Home Made Bacon Recipe

If you have read my about page, I have stated that I practice charcuterie at a professional level. With that in mind, I thought of sharing my professional knowledge to you guys and I realized that this is a good start for one to practice charcuterie at home! Continue reading

Great Excelente Ham – A Good Christmas Treat

If there is something that is very important to Filipinos during Christmas, it is the glorious ham! Continue reading

Pre-Culinary Education Knowledge

So often than not, one asks how I learned to cook . You see, cooking the way I do isn’t just a simple way of doing it. There is more complexity of knowledge required to be able to cook to at least my level of cooking. Without arrogance intended, I am not your normal engineering graduate from a Philippine university in terms of cooking and culinary knowledge. So let me show you a glimpse of how I learned on what I am passionately doing right now! Continue reading

Spaghetti with Italian Sausage in Simple Tomato Sauce

While trying to organize my blog, I realized that I didn’t have any pasta recipe! Luckily, I had some good pasta in my pantry and some spicy Italian sausage talk about coincidence! 🙂 I always liked restaurants that cook their pasta well. It has good texture and flavors are usually clean to the palate so I thought of making my own and share it with you 😉 Continue reading