ISCAHM – busy week 27 *pause*

So here’s the thing, I’m starting to write less and less. It’s the first time I skipped two weeks without writing anything! Moreover, I know that each entry has started lacking structure. It really shows that I just write for the sake of making a post! So, from now on, I’m going to write if I have the time to polish and publish it once I consider it satisfactory. Please bear with me for the moment because I am really trying to find time to post something on a weekly basis but I’m just to darn tired for the moment!

After our midterms, we are now back in the kitchen! We’re going to be in the kitchen for 3 weeks to be exact. That’s definitely going to be pretty tiring! You see, the usual schedule in ISCAHM is a week of theory followed by a week of kitchen. This time it’s different since batch 13 is going to have a month-long lecture so we are forced to have 3 weeks in the kitchen!

What I liked during this weeks session was that Chef Gerd taught us an extra pasta dish! It was a garlic and chili infused olive oil pasta! It was like aglio olio peperocino? Any Italians out there? Anyway, it was really simple and I liked it! This is what I like about ISCAHM. It is all about cooking. There’s no fancy stuff. Simply put, it’s all about good food and good cooking!

Oh, and this is my favorite in our Asian Kitchen so far!

We had Hainanese Chicken! Yum! This was such an MSG laden dish! Chef Manoj threw tons of it and he said that it was the essential ingredient of Hainanese Chicken!

Most students like Asian Kitchen because they like the food. It could also be cultural. After all, we like rice and strong flavors! However, what I like best about Asian Kitchen is that food doesn’t only taste good, it also looks pleasing to the eyes! I like the way chef Manoj plates his food. His presentation is pretty modern for a traditional dish.

The surprising part was that we ended the week with a surprise hands-on practicals! But unlike before, we had it as a class. This time, we had it with other sections! They mixed us up with other people so we were working with unfamiliar teammates!

To end the week with a bigger bang, we attended a food event in NBC tent.

It was an event created by Asian Food Channel. ISCAHM was asked to participate by presenting our Asian Kitchen.

There were a lot of food institutions present there. They actually had free food samples from the institutions. Here is the ticket stub for the food sampling.

There were also different schools such as CCA that presented there.

This was ISCAHM’s booth!

Most of my classmates actually volunteered to help in the event. Really sweet of them to do so.

And lastly, there were live cooking demos! Chef Manoj actually held a cooking demo but I wasn’t there to see it! Oh well. Maybe next time chef!

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