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Pepper Steak Lunch

I don’t normally write about chained restaurants here. However, like Chef Gerd would say, “In every rule there is an exception.” Continue reading


Sushi Kappo Kobikicho – Japanese Gastronomy at its Finest in Manila

If someone wants to experience a real and honest way of eating Japanese food here in Manila, a dining experience having both the quality and philosophy of Japanese cuisine, Sushi Kappo Kobikicho is the place for you! Continue reading

Urameshi-ya – Real Yakiniku

I am pretty sure you have read my Yakiniku Post before and it was this restaurant that inspired me to make my own yakiniku at my sister’s place. Continue reading

Inagiku – Best Quality Buffet

If Spiral offers the longest buffet line here in Manila, Inagiku, in my opinion, offers the highest quality of buffet here in Manila! 🙂 Continue reading

Seryna: Real Japanese Experience

Am pretty sure you all remembered my disappointing experience in Toki. This time, I’ll show you where, in my opinion, a really great authentic Japanese restaurant experience. I actually went out of my way to eat here to blog about what Seryna is and why I really loved it. Continue reading

Toki: A Japanese Experience?

I used to be in the Japanese food industry in the Philippines and eating at authentic Japanese restaurants was a past time of mine before. I even went to Japan alone just to taste and savor their authentic cuisine. Japanese cuisine is technically very simple. The only important aspect of the cuisine is the quality of ingredients which separates real Japanese restaurants to the Filipinized Japanese restaurants. Continue reading