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Pan Seared Oven Roasted Chilean Sea Bass in Saffron Tomato Sauce, Creamed Spinach and Anna Potatoes

TADA! This is my fish and seafood presentation in ISCAHM where I used the tomato sauce from the previous post. Continue reading


Pasta in Chiffonade of Basil with Chicken and Broiled Tomatoes

I was checking through my cooking posts and I realized that I had only one pasta recipe at the moment. So, as the title says, here is another pasta recipe. I like this one because of the simplicity of the dish. Continue reading

Clam Chowder – First New Year Post!

Happy New Year guys! Wow! 2009 was really fast and here we go again for 2010! What do you guys have in mind for this year? As for me, am pretty excited since am going to culinary school by the third week of January! Yay! Anyhow, as promised from my salt pork post, I created something with salt pork! Continue reading

Beef Stew in Tomato Sauce with Mashed Potatoes

I did this dish when Ondoy hit the Philippines. It was actually the day after I made the braised pork belly dish. This is actually a Filipino recipe that is inspired from the colonization of the Spaniards back in the 18th century. I thought of making this dish because I got some gorgeous thyme at that time and thought of making a stew for it. This pretty similar with the pinoy food they call kaldereta I think. 😀 Continue reading

Saturday Night at My Sister’s Place

Another saturday night has made my sister summoned me to create some nice dishes at their house. Normally, I would bring all my stuff because I don’t trust their pantry and their kitchen tools except cooking oil, stove and oven. I even brought my own pepper. Anyhow, I have this small cooler that has become my ‘pantry on the go’ carrier. Continue reading

Braised Pork Belly

When the weather is cold, people would normally make a heart-warming comforting soup to satisfy their day. I, on the other hand, would make something that is braised for that matter.

A few weeks ago, we all know the typhoon came and the weather was really cold. Because of that, I made a braised pork belly dish. It is easy, so often than not, you just throw everything into the pot and let it cook low and slow. Continue reading

Tomato and Onion Omelet

As I woke up this morning, I went into the fridge to check for something to eat. I saw a huge tomato in the fridge and thought of doing something about it. Since it is still early in the morning, I thought of making an omelet with that tomato.

I used a peso coin for the comparison of its size. Continue reading