ISCAHM – Meeting halfway! Week 25 and 26!

I missed a post last Sunday! Sorry about that but I’ve been pretty busy nowadays. The good thing is that we are now more than halfway through ISCAHM!

We have just finished exams (pictured above) and like most exams/presentations, people go down for what I’d like to call an oxygen break.

Right after the exam, we had another kitchen week! It’s about time we had another good ol’ kitchen week! If I am not mistaken, we will be having 3 consecutive kitchen weeks this time.

Oh, we had a new faculty assistant! Here’s Fara. He was in batch 10 I think and is now spending time inside the ISCAHM kitchen.

It has been a while since we last cooked together as a class so we had a lot of laughs inside the kitchen!

I was actually surprised at having a Mexican-style dish as our main course this week!

What I liked the most this week was pommes lyonnaise. Yum!

On the pastry side, they were working with sugar.

Since we are halfway done, batch 13 has started to finish their 1st month culinary manual too.

Just like us before, they also toured the kitchen at the end of the week.

And for section C, the last day of the week is, of course, Asian Kitchen.


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