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Pan Seared Oven Roasted Chilean Sea Bass in Saffron Tomato Sauce, Creamed Spinach and Anna Potatoes

TADA! This is my fish and seafood presentation in ISCAHM where I used the tomato sauce from the previous post. Continue reading


FREE Online Cookbook for this Coming Valentine’s Day: RED

Happy Valentine’s Day guys! In preparation for this coming Valentine’s Day, I prepared a special FREE e-cookbook/FREE online cookbook for you and your loved ones just like what I did before. Continue reading

Clam Chowder – First New Year Post!

Happy New Year guys! Wow! 2009 was really fast and here we go again for 2010! What do you guys have in mind for this year? As for me, am pretty excited since am going to culinary school by the third week of January! Yay! Anyhow, as promised from my salt pork post, I created something with salt pork! Continue reading

Beef Stew in Tomato Sauce with Mashed Potatoes

I did this dish when Ondoy hit the Philippines. It was actually the day after I made the braised pork belly dish. This is actually a Filipino recipe that is inspired from the colonization of the Spaniards back in the 18th century. I thought of making this dish because I got some gorgeous thyme at that time and thought of making a stew for it. This pretty similar with the pinoy food they call kaldereta I think. đŸ˜€ Continue reading

Broiled Pork Tenderloin in Barbecue Sauce with Pan Roasted Potatoes

I have always wanted to try real barbecue. Smoking whole cuts of meat at low and slow was something I really wanted to do; however, it was not possible for me at a time since I need some wood chips that will go along the cooking process. It took me around 4 months before I was able to get my hands on some hickory wood chips! For starters, I need small cuts of meat and thought that tenderloin would be a good start. Then, an obstacle happened. Our outdoor griller has already been in the cemetery since last week! I have clearly forgotten about that! So, instead of smoking the tenderloin, I came up with this: Broild Pork Tenderloin in Barbecue Sauce with Pan Roasted Potatoes. Continue reading

Saturday Night at My Sister’s Place

Another saturday night has made my sister summoned me to create some nice dishes at their house. Normally, I would bring all my stuff because I don’t trust their pantry and their kitchen tools except cooking oil, stove and oven. I even brought my own pepper. Anyhow, I have this small cooler that has become my ‘pantry on the go’ carrier. Continue reading

Sea Bass in Lemon Parsley

Being the carnivore that I am, I used to dislike seafood when I was young. It was always meat meat meat! It all changed, however, when I first tasted a succulent lean fillet of sea bass when I was around 14.

The other day, I went to Santis and found some good sea bass steak. I bought a piece and I filleted it at home.

The cooking was simple. Just sear the fish and finish it in the oven, careful not to overcook the fish. You don’t want to ruin an expensive fillet of fish.

First, marinate the sea bass with some dill and lemon juice for around 30 minutes. Continue reading