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FREE Online Cookbook for this Coming Valentine’s Day: RED

Happy Valentine’s Day guys! In preparation for this coming Valentine’s Day, I prepared a special FREE e-cookbook/FREE online cookbook for you and your loved ones just like what I did before. Continue reading


Sage Brined Pork Loin with Juniper Berries

I bought some juniper berries recently and I was really surprised with the flavor. It had a sweet citrus kick in it and it gives this savory/gamey aroma which I really loved. With that in mind, I was supposed to make some sort of stew but thought why not try something else then? So there I was; I brined a loin of pork with some sage and of course, juniper berries. Continue reading

Salt Pork

If you have read my home made bacon post, then you would have read that I trimmed the pork belly. What better way to deal with the pork belly trimmings than turning it to salt pork! Continue reading

FREE Online Cookbook – Impress Your Friends with a Three Course Meal

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everybody! With the coming holiday season, I created a FREE e-cookbook/FREE online cookbook for you *CLICK HERE or the image above*! The file is around 9MB Continue reading

Make Your Own Bacon – An Easy Home Made Bacon Recipe

If you have read my about page, I have stated that I practice charcuterie at a professional level. With that in mind, I thought of sharing my professional knowledge to you guys and I realized that this is a good start for one to practice charcuterie at home! Continue reading

Pork in Apple Cream Sauce

While I was organizing my blog, I realized that I only had 2 pork recipes as of the moment. With this in mind, I thought that I have to cook some pork for my archive. This idea came into mind because pork and apples are good combinations yet it is not pretty familiar here in the Philippines. 😦 Continue reading

Broiled Pork Tenderloin in Barbecue Sauce with Pan Roasted Potatoes

I have always wanted to try real barbecue. Smoking whole cuts of meat at low and slow was something I really wanted to do; however, it was not possible for me at a time since I need some wood chips that will go along the cooking process. It took me around 4 months before I was able to get my hands on some hickory wood chips! For starters, I need small cuts of meat and thought that tenderloin would be a good start. Then, an obstacle happened. Our outdoor griller has already been in the cemetery since last week! I have clearly forgotten about that! So, instead of smoking the tenderloin, I came up with this: Broild Pork Tenderloin in Barbecue Sauce with Pan Roasted Potatoes. Continue reading