Urameshi-ya – Real Yakiniku

I am pretty sure you have read my Yakiniku Post before and it was this restaurant that inspired me to make my own yakiniku at my sister’s place.

If you have noticed, I always mention that Japanese cooking is all about the ingredients and I believe that Urameshi-ya shows the quintessence of Japanese cooking with their yakiniku.

More often than not, a yakiniku restaurant is a place for drinking where you can enjoy having conversations. A couple of old family friends came back from the US to visit the Philippines. At first, we thought of treating them out to Seryna but it was full so I thought that this would be a good place then.

Urameshi-ya is also located in Little Tokyo. Looking at the interiors and ambiance, it gives you this rustic Japanese feel. I love it!

Like I have said, it is a drinking place so they also have a bar area.

As usual, I’m the one who orders the food. I ordered their set menu. Their set menu came with different things which you eat with the yakiniku much like the same way we ate at Maru before.

Then, there was a pail of charcoal where we cook our beef on.

The first cut of beef that arrived was rosu. It is like a lean cut of beef coming from the loin. Look at that gorgeous meat! Did I just say loin? Look at that marbling!

It can easily pass a BMS or beef marbling score of 8!

We also had some beef tongue–the cleanest and lightest ox tongue ever!

And what’s yakiniku without karubi? We had two kinds of karubi; one was superior than the other.

I really don’t know which one was more superior. My palette isn’t that good yet.

Lastly, we had some liver. I loved the texture.

Everyone was really happy. Here’s a picture of our guests with my mom (leftmost).

This meal will show you that wagyu beef puts American beef to shame. Don’t get me wrong, I love American beef which is pretty evident here and here. But wagyu beef with a BMS of around 8 is pretty much mind blowing. More so, people always say that wagyu beef has this rich buttery kind of flavor and texture. I think of it the other way around. Wagyu is like BUTTER that has a beefy flavor!

Anyhow, I suggest you guys try Urameshi-ya if you have the budget. This is quite an expensive meal but I am pretty sure it will satisfy your palette. The meal is great and very light–perfect for a dinner that is conducive for conversation.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by donny on January 24, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    Nice post hershey. I’ll definitely put Urameshi-ya to my must try lists. One question though, when you say quite expensive, how expensive is it?


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