Aubergine – Degustation

I have already blogged about Aubergine before. But still, I think the heart of a really good restaurant lies in its degustation menu.

A degustation menu is a tasting menu where one can easily taste different dishes in one single sitting. It is a menu that gives you different flavors and different textures to satisfy ones palette. Aubergine, for me, gives one good degustation menu.

Their degustation menu changes every so often. I have tried their degustation before and was quite pleased about it.

Like my Aubergine experience before, we had great bread. Yum! I love bread.

Anton taught me that when taking photos, it is best to use natural light so my pictures are going to be like the butter above. I really need a new camera.

We started the meal with an amuse-bouche.

It was a smoked duck panna cotta. It was pretty surprising. There was a strong smokey duck flavor in the panna cotta and the whole flavor was clean to the palette. It did a great job in amusing my palette.

The next course was the appetizer.

You can’t go wrong with foie gras (with some Madeira) right? It also had some sort of salmon tartar and capers in it, fresh green with raspberry vinaigrette and some tomato and cucumber salad for that nice texture.

Next was the soup.

It was an oxtail, veal cheek, and foie gras wanton with a consomme. Consomme was clear and strong! It had great flavor!

Next was actually my favorite.

This was a red mullet with lentils. I never thought that I would love lentils that much. This was a great dish because it had good texture given by the lentils and there was a good balance of flavor as a whole. The lentils had some sort of sauce that is brown base (I think) and the candied orange zest gave a very good balance to it. I just thought that they could have added more zest to the dish. Overall, it was still a very good dish.

Next was the carrot-apple sherbet.

Just to clean the palette.

Here comes the main course: Lamb chops!

It had a pommery mustard crust with a port wine sauce. Starch was a Parma ham zuchini potato ragout with some brie cheese fondue. I said this before already: the sauce is fantastic and bold flavors paired really well with the lamb.

Lastly, we had dessert.

This was a sexy dessert. A white and chocolate mousse with some mixed berry sauce and vanilla ice cream. Good quality chocolate was used and, unlike most desserts here in the Philippines, it wasn’t that sweet which was really appreciated.

My friend also ordered a glass of wine. The price of Aubergine’s degustation is very reasonable. It’s PHP 1950. That is around USD 45 + tax + SC. Every dish was well crafted and executed and the quality of service and ingredients are always consistent. I have already said a lot about their food before and the intent of this post was really to show you guys what to expect if you were to have degustation in Aubergine.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sheila's ditsi on May 4, 2010 at 4:59 am

    degustation is such a grandoise term.. is it also same as the ‘sampler’? 🙂


  2. Posted by sheila's ditsi on May 4, 2010 at 5:03 am

    hershey, now that you are not using any artificial light (flash), the picture is now too dark 😦


  3. Posted by M on May 4, 2010 at 10:36 am

    Did you finish all that, Master Hershey? Does that mean I need to have a big appetite if I will take Culinary? ‘Cause believe it or not, sometimes when I eat an appetizer, I’m full already O.o


  4. nice! main course looks and sounds awesome. can’t wait to actually taste it hehe. keep on posting. if you don’t want to invest on a new cam, get a mini tripod. takes some patience to use it though. around 300 pesos in cdr-king (the one that has flexible legs) i used it to shoot myself for our seafood presentation. you can shoot in low light conditions without flash.


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