Dum di dum di dum…. What is this…. :)

Before moving on, can you guess what this is? A super give away would be to read this post too.

Since I only needed a few grams of alginate and calcium chloride for my apple caviar post, I still have A LOT of them. So if you guessed it right, yes, this is another spherification.

You might wonder what this is right? Well, it is technically a watermelon sphere with some balsamic vinaigrette. The ingredients are pretty simple. Here they are.

I thought of adding some rum to give it a nice kick. So the procedure is the same as the apple caviar.

Pureed it, then strained, then added the alginate, pureed again, then strained.

Lastly, throw the alginate solution into the calcium solution.

Tada! Watermelon sphere! Then just add some balsamic vinegar and some olive oil and you are good to go.


This has a better overall texture because of the size of the sphere. It is quite different from the apple caviar in such a way that the moment you take a bite into it, you get this huge burst of liquid. The only problem here was that I doubled the dosage of the alginate because I was curious what would happen and the end result was that the liquid inside the sphere was thicker. Oh well, at least now I know what the difference is.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Interesting… patikim naman one of these days.


  2. Hey this look familiar, kinda like the one that I made. =) I would suggest grilling it to give it a smokey flavor and letting it sit overnight to remove as much air bubble as possible.


    • oh oh oh! thanks for the advice 😀 I think I placed in too much alginate, I tried adding 2g for a 200ml solution and it was too thick! kinda like astringent already 🙂 yours look way better than mine :))


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