ISCAHM – Recipe Folders and Presentation… Again! Week 19

If there is cooking then there are recipes!

I have never mentioned this before but here in ISCAHM, we have our own recipe folders where we file our recipes. Our recipe folder is actually part of our grades so we really take care (but hey, who doesn’t take care of their recipes right?) of it and make sure that it looks presentable.

We needed to submit our recipe folders this week for grading.

We actually need to put photos of the dishes we made in our recipe folders. Luckily, we have this guy who prints for everyone and we pay him for his extra nice service.

And, like our fish and seafood subject, we had another presentation.

This time, it involves vegetables since we are currently taking up veggies.

Lastly, I wasn’t able to mention this before. Normally, students in ISCAHM hang out in the basement. It is actually the smoking area so a lot of people hang out there during breaks or when they feel stressed out especially after a presentation.


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