ISCAHM – Fish and Seafood Week 6!

We have a fresh new start after our introductory exam. With a fresh start comes a new topic.

The title says it all. We had fish and seafood for this particular week. With a new subject, we received another manual which tackles fish and seafood only.

We were actually lucky because we had Chef Gerd for this subject.

Why lucky? Well, he doesn’t really teach theories that much. He is always in the kitchen and this time, we had him for a lecture session.

So what is the setup so far in terms of lunch? Well, since we are taking our lecture class, it is the higher batch who will be serving us. Here is a shot during our break time where we are looking at the higher batch during their kitchen time.

During lunch, the upper batch were the servers as we got our food.

Since this is all about Western-style cooking, we were served with Western food.

And once a week, there is Asian Kitchen so that’s cool.

Chef Manoj is always in charge in Asian kitchen so we will never miss him. He also taught us fish and seafood this week.


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