ISCAHM – Cold Buffet…..! Week 20

If we had a hot buffet week before, then there is also a cold one. It was actually easier because there was just more miz and less cooking involved. However, we were still pretty busy making tons of food!

When talking about cold kitchen, salads always come to mind!

We made different styles of salads–both western and asian styles.

The most difficult part of the cold kitchen were the sandwiches. It was the operational part that was difficult because of the sheer volume that we had to produce!

Aside from the amount of food we needed to produce, further complications arose from the types of sandwiches we prepared because there were sandwiches that required a little bit of cooking.

We also made some Mediterranean-style sandwiches.

The most interesting part of the week was the charcuterie.

This was actually my first hands-on experience in making pates and terrines. It was really interesting and I liked it!

One actually sees that charcuterie becomes a real craft here.

Something that looks boring from the outside becomes sexy as one cuts through it!

Another interesting method we learned was glazing. Glazing here is not your usual sugar shine style. It is more on putting a savory glaze like an aspic.

Looks cool huh? We made it even cooler by making some tomato roses.

So we transformed it into this, which was part of our terrine platter pictured above.

We made tons of terrines!

Therefore we had different platters of terrines too.

We ended the week with different canapes and Nemo!

Yep! We called it Nemo! It is a salmon en croute.

It was actually tasty. So Nemo was also part of the cold buffet canape line.

Cold buffet is LIKE!


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