ISCAHM – Fruits and Glazing…! Week 21

After having vegetables, fish and seafood, and herbs/spices, we now have fruits! Yum yum!

We all know about fruits in general and like all our subjects, we have to make a special presentation. This time, we need to make jams!

Well, actually, we had a choice of jams, jellies or marmalades.

The most important part of our assignment was the sealing of the glass bottle. They taught us how to sanitize it and how to seal it in a vacuum. It was pretty cool since this is actually going to be my first time making jams.

Anyhow, the cool part of this week was being taught by Chef Norbert how to glaze. Remember our cold buffet week with the chicken?

We used gelatin sheets in glazing since we don’t have any veal bones here in the Philippines. And boy, these sheets are pretty expensive! Yikes!

Chef Norbert is always the one who is in charge of teaching and demonstrating the art of glazing. I was really surprised because glazing was really meant for presentation purposes! Wow! What an expensive presentation! It gives that additional gloss/shine to the food.

What do you guys think about it?


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  1. you know what. i watched the bourdain food porn 2 episode and i thought of you. daniel boulud makes some mean sausages and stuff.


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