Salt Pork

If you have read my home made bacon post, then you would have read that I trimmed the pork belly. What better way to deal with the pork belly trimmings than turning it to salt pork!

So often than not, one can turn trimmings from charcuterie into salt pork! Making salt pork is pretty easy. Cut the trimmings into chunks like the picture above.

Then add some basic dry curing mix! 🙂 Mix it! Mix mix mix!

When you have mixed everything, throw it inside a zip lock bag again, like the bacon in the home made bacon post!

Then refrigerate if for at least 14 days! 🙂 Turning it every other day 🙂 You use salt pork for seasonings dishes like casseroles, stews, chowders etc.. I might post a salt pork recipe or two to give you an idea on how to use salt pork! 🙂 It gives wonders to dishes 😉


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