*Roasted Pig* Lechon around Manila :) – Three Kinds!

I can feel that Christmas is in the air and what better way to celebrate it here in the Philippines other than consuming some lechon baboy!

Lechon baboy or whole roasted pig, has always been the favorite of Filipinos for their parties and celebrations since I eons ago! Filipinos actually love anything roasted that’s why we also have lechon manok and lechon baka! Anyhow, a few weeks ago was my mom’s birthday and I thought of buying some lechon. With that in mind, I gave myself a small food escapade around Manila and taste the ‘popular’ lechon baboy offered here in Manila. You see, my family has always chose Elarz over any other lechon baboy when a celebration or a party call for one and I want to test the others to see what is the best lechon for me her in Manila!

I thought of tasting different lechon baboy because I swear, one day, I will travel all the way to Cebu just to have a taste of Market Man‘s Zubuchon! Anthony Bourdain’s recent visit here in the Philippines called Market Man’s Zubuchon as the ‘best pig in the world!’ how about that!

Anyhow, so let’s move on to my journey in search of the best lechon in Manila. I went to three places namely: Sabroso, Elarz and Mila’s Lechon.

I first went to Sabroso. It is located in E. Rodrigues corner Tomas Morato in Quezon City! Here is the the view of the entrance.

You will first notice a man chopping up a whole roasted pig as you enter the facility. Look at how he butchered the meat the second time lolz!

It is a humble place inside. 🙂

The menu is just on top of the counter!

You actually order on the counter then give the receipt to the dude chopping the lechon baboy!

Took the picture of the guy before taking the exit from Sabroso! See how it looked from the inside:)

After that, next stop was Elarz! Elarz is located near Welcome Rotonda along Espana near the start of Quezon Avenue! Here is the exterior of the store!

They show the roasting of a whole pig from the inside! Huge hog!

The interior looked like a canteen! Lolz! They were actually selling some rice meals inside. Pretty cheap too! only PHP39!

Lastly, their sign board outside 😀

Ok, what’s a lechon escapade in Manila without visiting La Loma? La Loma is like the lechon capital here in Manila! I went there and bought at Mila’s lechon!

I like the way they displayed their lechon, all were lined up ready to be sold! Cholesterol high!! 🙂

This is their pit where they cooked their lechon! Tons of capacity eh? 🙂

I took a photo how their guy chopped the lechon too!

Second shot!

After that, I went home a started plating the 3 lechons I have just bought around Manila 😀


*From left to right: Elarz, Mila’s, Sabroso!*


Lechon here in manila is all about the skin. It must have a crispy skin unlike in Cebu where their’s is not. Moreso, the sauce of the lechon here is sweet and made from liver unlike in Cebu, they use vinegar for their sauce.

So here are my thoughts about those three lechons I bought.

Sabroso – Great skin! It was pretty crispy and the meat was succulent! Sauce – The sauce was sweet and was a bit smokey

Elarz – Skin was soggy and the meat was pretty dry 😦 Sauce – I like their sauce, it was sweet but a bit runny

Mila’s Lechon – Skin was crunchy and meat was also succulent! Their skin compared to Sabroso was different because it was more crunchy than crispy. Sauce – sauce was a bit nutty

In the end, what I like the best is Sabroso’s lechon with the sauce of Elarz! Sabroso’s skin was far superior than the others! Furthermore, I placed the lechons on the table without any cover to see the deterioration of the skin by exposing it with air. The result was still great! Sabroso’s skin was still crispy! Mila’s skin wasn’t crunchy anymore by that time!

I think the key component of the Sabroso’s skin was that it had more fat beneath it making the skin stretch with good foundation! Lastly, I also believe it’s the pig they used that made their lechon superior! They said that they used free range native pigs!

Next time you guys buy some lechon, don’t forget, Sabroso is the one! 😀 if possible, use the sauce of Elarz lolz!


17 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by candice kho on December 1, 2009 at 10:19 am

    thats not the elarz where we buy our lechon. its the one along speaker perez street.


  2. Posted by paul on December 2, 2009 at 5:45 am

    Hershey, try CNT from Cebu! The best! A bit salty (and tasty?) though.


  3. Posted by candice kho on December 2, 2009 at 9:03 am

    mas ok elarz ng speaker perez. hindi sila pareho. magkaiba na may-ari


  4. Posted by andre on December 9, 2009 at 3:06 am

    lechon in cebu has crispy skin!


  5. […] But at the end of the day, I will be going back! The restaurant has good value for money, no wonder it is packed full of people even during weeknights. Moreover, I like the quality of their food. I think I will be trying their lechon sometime in the future and add it in my lechon post […]


  6. hi hershey! my family loves sabroso! we ordered a large lechon for our son’s birthday party and it did not disappoint!!

    i love your blog!!!! i hope it doesn’t make me break my diet haha 😀


  7. Posted by mike on June 24, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    Sabroso is indeed becoming one of the better lechon in manila. You should the the real casa elars not the elar with “z”.


  8. alam nyo po ba kung magkano yung medium and large na lechon sa sabroso?


    • Hmmmm…. depende sa weight kasi yun 😀 meron sila sa store nila yung mga weight ng whole lechons 😀 if you like yung maraming taba, go for the bigger lechon, if you want it lean, smaller lechons 😀


  9. when are you going to Cebu? 🙂 you should definitely try lechon here, contrary to what your friends say, the skin is crispy. I just ordered one from CNT a few hours ago..


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