Jam Making – Apples!

Making jam is pretty easy and cheap. The best part is, it lasts for a long time!

This was our fruit presentation in ISCAHM: Making jams and letting the chefs taste them for flavor and consistency.

What I made was apple jam. Since this was also my first time making it, I wanted it to be simple and easy so that I don’t make too many mistakes. Here are my ingredients.

It’s important to use green apples because it has higher pectin content. Unripe fruits tend to have higher pectin and that’s important when making jams. Pectin gives jams their consistency. So I cut the apples and placed them in water.

Not all fruits have enough pectin for making jam. Therefore, you need to add extra pectin by adding pectin powders or some natural pectin.

I added lemon rind (very high pectin content in citrus peels) and some lemon juice to help set the jam. To be honest, I don’t think I needed the rind since green apples already have a high amount of pectin but I just wanted to be sure.

Then, I added some cinnamon to give a good layer of flavor since apples and cinnamon go well together.

Bring everything to a boil.

Make sure everything is cooked through. This only takes a couple of minutes.

When everything is cooked, puree!

Then, add tons of sugar! Ideally, the ratio of fruits to sugar is 1:1 by weight.

Let it boil.

Let it boil until you reach a little bit higher than 100 degree celsius, but not more than 105. You don’t want to have candies!

The reason behind this is that we let everything boil so that the water evaporates. We just want to get rid of the water and if the temperature is higher than 100 degrees, that means there is no more water as water becomes vapor at temperatures higher than 100 degrees!

While waiting for your jam, try sterilizing your bottles.

Boil your mason jars in hot water before using them so that they are fully sterilized.

Fill it up then seal it. Then, place it back in boiling water (the filled jar) to vacuum seal it. I forgot to take pictures of the sealing process but I am pretty sure you can google it.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by mori on September 1, 2010 at 3:38 am

    hey 🙂 very nice, i might as well try making it, thanks for the tips :))


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