ISCAHM – Pasta Time! Week 22

Remember one of my previous entries before? We had carbo loading one time with the pasta made by the upper batch. This time, it was our turn to make the pasta.

The menu for the week was all pasta!

We made tons of fresh pasta and everything was made from scratch.

It was actually quite hard work, especially the raviolis.

Carboload… I know right? They came with tons of parmesan cheese too!

We had to make 4-5 kinds of pasta everyday. We made basic ones of course.

At the end of this week, we were briefed by Chef Norbert about our midterms practicals which will be two weeks from now!

Little did we know that we would already be having random drawings for our menus.

This is what I got!


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  1. oh wow I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your blog. I love to go to culinary school more specifically pastry school. I’m still trying to save up for it. Seeing your blog makes me more excited in pursuing my dream


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