ISCAHM – Service time stations! Week 12

This is another kitchen week for us in Batch 12. But what’s happening during service time? If you were to cook for the other classes, what are the possible stations you will be handling?

Remember the board from one of my older posts? If you were to look at the right most part of the board, you would see the possible stations during service time and the name of the people who are in charge of those stations.

So what are the possible stations then? It may be one of my favorites yet I have never been in it: bread!

I love bread. If there is one single starch that I can eat everyday it is going to be bread. Here in ISCAHM, we always have bread with the appetizers whether it’s a soup or a salad.

The station right beside the bread is the cutlery station.

Yep, someone is in charge of giving out spoons, forks and knives. If the guy is really nice, he’ll also give you some table napkins.

Now, there are times that both the starch and vegetables are served ala minute so there are people who are there during service time.

But there are also times that vegetables/starch need not be ala minute so someone just gets from the huge rondo.

Then there are people who are in charge of plating the appetizers shown in the cover picture.

It can either be a soup…

… or a salad.

Lastly, there are people who are in charge of the main course.

Normally, it is an assembly line, one cleans the plate; one serves the vegetables; one serves the starch; one serves the main entree. Sometimes, another one serves the sauce.

Sometimes, the main entree is also a carving station.

Everything is also the same in Asian Kitchen except that in Asian Kitchen, it is only chef Manoj who handles it with his own rules.

And his food.


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  1. Looks like you guys are coming along great for being 12 weeks in. Keep it up!


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