1st Grilla in Manila! Grilling Competition!

The 1st Grilling Competition here in Manila was held last Sunday and guess who joined the competition?

No, not me! But Chef Gerd did join! I am pretty sure you have read about him from my ISCAHM adventures here and there. I only found out about it last Thursday. It was held in the Sunday Market of Legazpi Village which I have yet to talk about.

The Legazpi Sunday Market is located in Makati at Legazpi village. They offer a wide range of stalls that offer different and wonderful food.

You can find an assortment from small snacks to gourmet meals and from organic vegetables to wagyu beef.

I’ll write about it more next time. In the meantime, let’s head on to the competition.

There were 7 grilling teams.

They have to make a grilled main course dish and another grilled specialty dish of their own choice. Each team was composed of 3 members.

Everybody brought their own ingredients except for the main dish because it was a secret ingredient. The secret ingredient was a surprise just like the Iron Chef series. And the secret ingredient was…

… a choice grade rib-eye! Talk about outdoor grilling huh!

So every team was busy preparing their 2 dishes.

I was a bit disappointed with the other teams. I mean, it’s a grilling competition so I think it would be appropriate not to use other cooking techniques. Chef Gerd’s team was pure grilling.

Somebody boiled potatoes while someone even made a stock.

Moreover, there were some mishaps. Somebody grilled the whole rib-eye. That’s crazy! It will burn the outside while it is still raw in the inside.

Also, I saw someone adding salt to his rib-eye for more than an hour. Why? I don’t know. Maybe he wants his rib-eye less juicy?

There were even more but because of those mishaps, I was pretty confident that Team Gerd would win this competition. When the judges were finally ready to try their food, people started moving faster.

I think there were 4 judges.

Chef Gerd was enthusiastic about his food as he served it.

So this was Chef Gerd’s main course: A creole seasoned rib-eye with chimichurri (medium rare), grilled mediterranean vegetables, and grilled potatoes with sour cream, chives, and bacon bits.

This was great! The chimichurri and rib-eye were balanced with each other. I think this was the problem of the other teams: the other teams tried making some fancy/gourmet food which I think was wrong in terms of the theme. It is an outdoors grilling competition guys. You have to serve something that is reminiscent of comfort food.

For Chef Gerd’s specialty side, it was a pork neck with caramelized onions on a German specialty bread. I forgot the name. The pork neck was marinated in beer, apples, mustard, and onions I think. It had some apple coleslaw and grilled garlic in a foil, like roasted garlic.

The pork was awesome! I found respect for pork neck. I didn’t get to try the other dishes of the other teams but everybody made small portions for everyone.

And the winner was…

As I was expecting, Team Gerd won. He won a cash prize of PHP 20,000 thats USD 450 and he gave everything to charity! What a nice guy!

Congratulations to his assistants AJ and Ana. Both of them are from ISCAHM. Ana was in batch 9 and AJ is currently in batch 11. FYI, I am batch 12.

Good job on your hard work Team Gerd.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by steve on April 29, 2010 at 4:42 am

    grilling a whole prie rib is a sandard procedure, in fact, it is the best way of cooking it. For one, it keeps in the juices better. Slicing the slab is a shortcut. For your information, salting is the preferrence of the chef or cook. there are many schools of thought- salting an hour efore, salting just befoer searing or salting after searing- and not one ‘philosophy’ is absolutely right.


  2. Posted by janice on May 1, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    ok.. i’m hungry now! 🙂


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