Miso Soup – What’s Japanese Cooking without it?

Making miso soup is pretty easy and I don’t know why I didn’t blog about this after my dashi stock. It seems pretty practical making a miso soup after the dashi but oh well, at least here it is.

Like most Japanese cooking, it is easy and simple.

Here is a picture of the ingredients.

That’s white miso, dashi stock, scallions, tofu, and some wakame. Also, it is not part of the picture but I added some mirin too.

Here is your miz.

For the miso, it is better to mix it with some dashi before using it. This way, you can’t heat the miso too much such that you risk losing the nutrients. I heard about this somewhere.

The wakame is dried so you can either rehydrate it in water, or just let it rehydrate it in the cooking process of the soup. The latter is actually better in our case since it gives more of the seaweedy flavor to the soup.

So on to the cooking process! First, heat up your dashi. When it is a bit warm already, add the wakame.

When the wakame has already rehydrated, add the tofu.

Lastly, add the miso.

Then serve it with some chopped scallions. The plated picture is the cover picture above.


What I like about this dish is that it is pretty much comforting. Moreover, the flavor profile is pretty rustic which I really like since it also reflects about the tradition and culture of the food itself.


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