ISCAHM – Brownouts are hardcore! Week 10

You know the good and bad thing about losing electricity in the kitchen? Everything becomes more intense like what happened before!

If I am not mistaken, we are experiencing power shortages here in Manila right now and there seems to have some sort of routine powering down thanks to the efficiency of our government. Nevertheless, like in all kitchen operations, the show must go on and we still cook our hearts out.

What I liked about this week’s power outage was that 4 other people and I get to pass through 50 liters of soup through a tamis! There was no electricity so there were no blenders to help us. We did a thick soup French Laundry style.

Doing this process actually makes it 5 times smoother than just pureeing it in the blender and passing it through a chinois. It is just real tedious.

Anyhow, I’ll give you an idea of what we cook every kitchen time. We usually have a menu written on the white board so that the chef in charge knows what we will be cooking for the day.

It states which group does what and during one of the power shortages, we were in charge with the soup thus having the tamis experience above.

More often than not, we have an appetizer which is a soup or salad, then a main course with some vegetable sidings and starch.

The style of serving and plating is pretty French.

Lastly, we can always get some desserts from the pastry people. This is sugar rush at its peak.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by sheila's ditsi on April 26, 2010 at 10:05 am

    i didnt get to eat much of the fine french cuisine while i was in paris 😦


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