Sea Bass Teriyaki

You normally do this with chicken but I had some leftover sea bass from my seafood presentation in ISCAHM. I told you guys before that I would be doing more Japanese cooking because it is Asian and my product knowledge in that cuisine is pretty decent. That’s why we have teriyaki today.

Teriyaki is teriyaki. It is what it is so I don’t really need to elaborate more about it.

Here is a picture of the ingredients.

Make the teriyaki sauce. First, put in the mirin and sake and put the mixture into the flame to remove the alcohol.

Then add in the Japanese soy sauce and reduce it. Normally, I place a little bit of red miso but I didn’t have that time.

While the sauce reduces, prepare the sea bass fillets.

Make sure they are dried with paper towels. Normally, it is not cut into fillets when making teriyaki. Normally, it is cut in an angled position sideways but I forgot about that. By this time, your sauce should have been reduced to the right consistency–a bit syrupy.

Just pan fry the fish skin side down first and you are done.

Then place it in a plate, serve it with the teriyaki sauce. Finish it with a brush or a glaze.


This was pretty awesome. I am pretty sure it was the sea bass that made this dish that good. You can’t go wrong with sea bass. I like the simplicity of the flavor profile. The sauce was not overpowering and it brought out the natural flavor of the fish. I didn’t even add salt in it. I am pretty sure many will disagree but it turned out pretty good.


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