ISCAHM – Fish and Seafood presentation! Week 8

I know the title above says ‘Fish and Seafood Presentation’ but I just have to post a picture of the cakes above.

Anyhow, moving along, we continued and finished our discussion on the fish and seafood manual this week.

So what was the cover picture all about? Well, this week, the pastry peeps finished doing their super project–fondant cakes! Beautiful isn’t it?

These cakes reminded me of Buddy. They also made me want to learn pastries. Everything you see on the cake is edible! Flowers, beads, ropes, everything is edible! They were probably made out of fondants and gum paste.

Anyhow, it is part of our curriculum here in ISCAHM to make presentations. Technically, we cook something at home, take pictures, and present it. Each manual will have 1 presentation and that’s a total of at least 7 I think. This was our first presentation: fish and seafood. And it was Chef Gerd who was in charge of grading our presentation. YIKES!

Everybody was pretty nervous for their presentations and that included me.

So what was my presentation all about? Tune in to my next blog post.

Oh by the way, we had this dish during our lunch and it was great.

It was like salmon wellington with hollandaise sauce.


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  2. Posted by sheila's ditsi on April 26, 2010 at 9:52 am

    wow! i love those cakes!!! if i saw those cakes before (i got married) i would have gotten one of those for my wedding cake! i like!


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