Teppanyaki – Top Blade

I actually made this one before but it was a shrimp dish. This time, I used beef for my Japanese cooking of teppanyaki.

*teppan* – steel plate, *yaki* – grilled. This is actually a yoshoku or Western-style Japanese cooking. It is technically their way of cooking a steak. The cooking is easy like most Japanese cooking.

I used a top blade cut of the beef for my teppanyaki. I think this is a very valuable and underrated cut of the beef. I like the texture and flavor and the best part is, it is not that expensive.

Here is a picture of the ingredients.

First, mix some shoyu and mirin as your teppanyaki sauce.

Prepare your beef. Make sure to trim it.

Chop some garlic.

Now, heat up your pan and add some butter. Normally, a griddle is used or a *teppan*. Since I don’t have any, I used a stove top cast iron grill.

Add chopped garlic.

Then sear the meat on both sides.

Then slice it up.

Sear on all other sides then cube.

Lastly, pour the sauce.

What can I say? There you go. It is what it is.


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