ISCAHM – First Week

Real classes started this week in ISCAHM.

Technically, everything they taught this week was some sort of introduction on professional cooking. We had 3 chefs to teach us. First, Chef Uli taught us about the kitchen organization.

He is Swiss and he talked about how the kitchen works in general and how the sections of the kitchen are split. I was actually surprised that he was nice. I mean, more often than not, chefs like doing some sort of a boot camp with their students. He kept on saying that we should not get overwhelmed with the wealth of information he was throwing at us. Chef Uli, if you are reading this post, which I doubt, all I can say is, Guten Tag!

Next was Chef Manoj. He talked about HACCP.


Chef Manoj is Sri Lankan, I think, and I like his strictness. Furthermore, the funny thing about him is that, sometimes, we do not know if he is serious or just joking around. He is also the Asian chef in ISCAHM as well as the disciplinarian so I think that’s why he is strict most of the time. If he caught you (guys only) with long hair, he will cut your hair using a machete. I want to try that one day.

We had HACCP for 3 days and during one of those days, Chef Pauline took a shift in teaching us.

I like the way she teaches. She communicates really well with her students. She is Filipino and took her culinary arts degree in the United States. I forgot which school though. She also graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Communications.

So technically, we only had lectures for this week and probably for the next 3 weeks. This is our section’s classroom.

This room is connected to their chocolate room which is nice and cold inside.

This is actually the place where they make the desserts for Aubergine–like this one. I think these are their macaroons.

The first lecture week was fun. I got plenty of new information especially from HACCP which I must apply in our own meat processing plant. More so, I made some new friends with diverse backgrounds and met some old acquaintances.

Here are some of the guys in class.

Seat mates.

Guys from another section.

An old acquaintance, AJ! I met her during my food experience with Anton in Zenses.

AJ and the others were actually taking their midterms this week. I took a picture while some of the students were taking their midterms.

I think they made some sort of chicken with bechamel? It is a classic so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is.

Here is a picture where one of the chefs was talking about their midterms and trashing their food.

Oh, lest I forget, here is the staff.

If you call ISCAHM, you will hear from them first. Also, I was lucky that one of my old friends needed an extra hand for her midterms so I carried her stuff to their walk-in chiller. Here is the entrance.

Giant compressor!

They have eggs, vegetables, and everything that needs to be chilled.

I was really happy when I saw this.

We ended the week with Chef Manoj talking about basic ingredients and preparation. He was talking about the leeks here.

So that just about sums up my first week in ISCAHM. If you were to be here, you will just hear chefs telling you to study, study, STUDY! They will tell you that there is a lot of information that you need to absorb.

Tune in again next week.

My hand itches every time I see the older batch doing meez. And I want a walk-in chiller!


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