Great Excelente Ham – A Good Christmas Treat

If there is something that is very important to Filipinos during Christmas, it is the glorious ham!

So often than not, one would see those sweet ham here Manila. The procedure was usually boiled giving the customer a soft, tender and quite juicy ham. Most commercial hams like Purefoods are sweet. Their ham recipe is usually composed of pineapple juice for sweetening and lot of sugar, a flavor profile that most Filipinos accept.

For me though, one of the best, if not the best, ham there is here in Manila is Excelente Ham! Boy, it sure is excellent! YUM! 😀

Excelente Ham is pretty expensive in comparison with the usual ham out there. What I liked about the ham is that you are sure that the process was made real in terms of curing. You can feel the firm texture of the ham. Furthermore, the flavor is not that strong unlike most ham. It wasn’t that sweet too. If I were to guess what flavoring they had, I think it is just curing salt lolz! Plus of course some wood smoke. This is what I like about their ham, flavors are simple and the process was very sophisticated. Texture was really great especially the fat!

Just by touching the plastic bag, you will smell the wood smoke of the ham! Absolutely rustic! 😀

Look at that gorgeous baby! 😀

That really looks great on the dinner table eh? 🙂

It also comes with their ‘sauce for glazing’. I think it is made from honey and muscovado sugar.

Excelente is located in Quiapo. Just ask around where it is and you will find it. To celebrate Christmas with a ham, I suggest going with Excelente. This particular cut was around PHP 1200 and it is worth it. We have it every year and there is a clear difference between this ham and those of the commercial ones. 😉

So go grab one now! Excellent texture with clean and refine flavor!


10 responses to this post.


    Family Xmas tradition 🙂 even better than Adelina’s and Majestic! Best for cooking soup and Chicken Galantina 🙂

    Get the cuts with the ham bone for soup stock!


  2. That is one delicious looking ham!!! I wonder if we can get that in the US


  3. Posted by glenn on December 16, 2010 at 6:01 am

    do they have a hind leg ham also? Unlike this one which have so much fat on it.


  4. Posted by Lody on December 19, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    the last blog about this ham was last year. Do you think it is available here(USA) now?


    • This is ham is only made and available here in the Philippines. Maybe if you have some relatives here, you can ask them to buy one and bring it to the states *though I dont think your airport security would allow such a thing*


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