Pan-Roasted Steak in Pepper Cream Sauce

Auntie Alice went to the States a few weeks ago, and that means there will be another 50 lbs of steak cut meat coming into their freezer. With that said, my sister gave me some steaks to finish it off in preparation for the coming new batch.

What I did was something like a Steak au Poivre but instead of coating the steak with pepper, I flavored the sauce with lots of pepper! 🙂

Here is the ingredient shot *I forgot to include some flour*:

First, let’s make some quick vegetable stock. We need to do this to give more depth and flavor to our sauce. Cut up some bug chunks of mirepoix.

The celery looks pretty dull and it is. That’s the one from my Serrano Cigar entry. You’ll be surprise though that flavors of that celery is good, the texture is just terrible 😦 Anyhow, melt some butter in a saucepan.

Throw in the mirepoix.

Make sure to brown them so that some parts caramelizes to give better flavor. There will be some fond there. Yummy!

Then deglaze it with water. Add enough water to at least cover everything.

Scrape off the tasty brown pits on the bottom of the pans to add in with the stock.

Add in some peppercorns and a bayleaf.

Season it with salt.

Lastly, I added some parsley and I let it bring to a boil then simmer. 🙂

Now, let’s go with our steak. Peel cloves of garlic.

Season the steak with some salt and pepper. I have a USDA choice grade rib-eye.

Melt some butter on the pan!

Obviously you need to spread the butter right? 🙂

Sear the steaks on one side! You will hear the symphony of the sizzling sound. We sear steaks so that it gives us a good crust and some sort of a caramelized flavor. 🙂

Sear it next to the other side!

Then add in more butter! Yes, more flavor and fat please!

Then add in the garlic. We have just added in the garlic because if we added the garlic since the start, it will burn! Do you want some bitter burnt taste with your steak?

This time, lower the heat to medium and baste it on one side and the other.

Lastly, let the meat rest. We need to at least rest the meat for 10 minutes so that the juice of the meat will stay.

Now, the last part, sauce time! 🙂 Add in some flour!

Add in enough flour to form a roux.

Let the roux rest. Make sure it is not that hot before incorporating the brown vegetable stock we had earlier. If the roux is too hot, it will gelatinize and thus giving you a lumpy sauce. If you are ready, slowly add in the stock.

Incorporate the stock one at a time with the roux and whisk it or mix it vigorously.

Add in more stock until it becomes a gravy.

Since we want a pepper cream sauce. We add in more pepper!

Lastly, add in some cream! 😀

Incorporate the cream with the gravy! This is divine my friends 🙂

Strain it to have a smooth texture.

Serve. 🙂


You can never go wrong with American Beef especially if it’s at least a USDA choice grade. Just make sure you cook it to medium-rare to medium. Cooking it to medium rare is like 5-7 minutes with an inch thick steak.

What needs an opinion is the sauce and I tell you this, it was great! This made me realize that I can still use the celeries from China just for the flavor component. It had better flavor than I expected. The sauce was both flavorful and rich. If not for the stock, this could have been really flat. One can already taste the strong beefy flavor from the fat of the beef used for the roux and that’s the reason of just using some quick brown vegetable stock in the first place. 🙂


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