Pork in Apple Cream Sauce

While I was organizing my blog, I realized that I only had 2 pork recipes as of the moment. With this in mind, I thought that I have to cook some pork for my archive. This idea came into mind because pork and apples are good combinations yet it is not pretty familiar here in the Philippines. 😦

Here is the ingredient shot.

The glass over there with the brown colored liquid is apple juice! First, slice some onions, in my case shallots because I didn’t have any white onions at that time.

Now, let’s start making the sauce yum! 😀 In a saucepan, add some butter.

Make sure the saucepan is quite hot already. Add in shallots and sweat it! Don’t caramelize it!

Add in some dark rum to give it a different kind of sweetness to it.

Then boom! Flambe it! 😀

When that’s done, add in the apple juice! It’s gonna be thick since it has oxidized already.

Then add in some peppercorn and bay leaf. Bring it to a boil then simmer to let the flavors infuse.

While it simmers, chiffonade or chop some parsley.

Then season the pork. In my case, I had some loin here. It is technically a boneless pork chop lolz.

Slather it with some mustard! Mustard is another ingredient that is not popular here in the Philippines and in Filipino cooking 😦

I just seasoned and slather the loins on one side because the butcher gave me a thin slice. It was only around 1/2 an inch so I think that seasoning and slathering both sides will ruin the flavor of the pork. By this time, strain the apple juice to another saucepan.

See it? I has the thick parts of it, better strain it so that the texture and flavors are clean. Add in some cream into the strained apple juice.

Give a swirl so that everything is incorporated. Now we have the real sauce done. Just put it somewhere and you can heat it up when service time arrives.

Now, let’s cook the pork loins. Butter your pan.

Pan roast them by searing them on both sides and cook it on the pan! First side!

Other side!

This time, since it’s service time, add in the parsley into the apple cream sauce and serve it with the pork loin!


The good and bad thing about this dish was the FAT! It was really great but it just had too much of it! It will make you feel guilty if you eat a piece of the loin with the fat. I think it is better to trim it first then pan roast the loin for health benefits.

Sauce was great. I liked the clean subtle sweetness of the sauce with the savory aroma of the bay leaf. Yum! 🙂

The only bad part of this dish was really the huge fat, better use a tenderloin next time! 🙂


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