Duo of Shrimp

A few weeks ago, my high school friends and I were in the Casino and played black jack. We were actually making a killing there and then, the usual food thinking happened. What is a good food that I can pair with blackjack? The result is here: Duo of Shrimp – Grill Shrimp with Bacon in Red Wine Cherry Reduction and Shrimp Tepanyaki.

Here is the ingredient line-up.

First, I will show you how to clean a shrimp. Shell them out first!

Make a small incision between its spinal cord.

Remove the black vein

Then cut a small part of the tail end of the shrimp.

Scrape off the black part out from the tail.

You can tell the difference if the tail part was cleaned. Look at this photo, the left shrimp’s tail is darker than the right shrimp’s tail since it is the right shrimp that I have already cleaned.

After cleaning the shrimp, get some bacon and wrap it around the shrimp.

When that is done, prepare the red wine cherry reduction. I have done that before and you can just see it here in my Serrano Cigar post and some teppanyaki sauce. My teppanyaki sauce is composed of some Japanese soy sauce and mirin. The ratio is 1:1.

For the final preparation, mince some garlic and cut some bell peppers.

Now, time to cook the shrimps! I used my stove top cast iron grill to give the shrimp some charred flavor in it. I first added some olive oil.

Then grill the bacon shrimp there. Be careful not to overcook the shrimp and make sure the bacon sticks with the shrimp! 🙂

Gorgeous piece of shrimp eh? Now, add melt some butter at some other place of the hot grill. This is where we will cook the teppanyaki! Make sure it browns because we are looking for some nutty taste here!

When it is ready, add in the garlic and bell peppers. The room will smell great this time. Savor it! 🙂

Then add in the shrimp for the teppanyaki! Make sure not to overcook both kinds of shrimp. We do not want any dry and chewy shrimps right?

To finish it off, we add the teppanyaki sauce! Yum!

It will get a little bit sticky since the sugar of the mirin will caramilize! Then serve it!


This is a good dish! Shrimps were cooked well thus giving a good bite to it! There was a good distinct flavor from each shrimp. The bacon shrimp was sweet and savory while the teppanyaki was salty and nutty. I really like this dish. My only problem was the presentation. It is pretty awful! Man… I really need to learn how to plate my dishes. Oh well! I can try it again next time lolz!

I think this is also a good casino dish cause you can easily eat this with your hands or with a tooth pick. It can be like a cocktail food too!


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