Pantry Setup: Organization

It has been a month since I have been maintaining this blog and I realized that I really need to organize my pantry to be more efficient in cooking and storing my ingredients.

I am the type of guy who is a little messy when it comes to storing things and keeping them organized. Since getting organized is more efficient and effective, I started organizing my cooking stuffs.

It’s a disaster, I know. Normally, I scour for available pantry goods there like soy sauce, red wine, wine vinegar, oils etc.. before I cook so that I know what things I can cook. Seeing this mess inside the house, my mom bought me a nice shelf to organize my pantry goods and that was pretty nice of her.

Tada! My super organized pantry, far from the disaster one lolz. Finally, now I can plan ahead of time the food I want to cook 😀


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